Pleasure Beach Experience was founded in 2009 as a fans forum for Blackpool Pleasure Beach focused debate and discussion, in 2012 we organised our first event at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which included private hire of the Big One. Due to the success of this event and our support for the Pleasure Beach on social media, we were offered the chance to merge and take over the running of Club Pleasure Beach. Club Pleasure Beach Experience was born in July 2012, initially we ran club events at Blackpool Pleasure Beach alongside our social media pages.


In January 2015, our YouTube channel started to become active with one upload a week featuring footage of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but from mid 2016 we started to upload regularly to the channel and in 2017 decided to create vlogs to feature our travels throughout the UK, Europe and America.

Presently, Pleasure Beach Experience is a UK based coaster club which has events in the UK, Europe and America. We also have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but our main focus on social media is our YouTube channel.