PBE's American Dream 

Pleasure Beach Experience's event organising team are putting together an American theme park trip for June 2021 and you're invited! The trip will take place between Sunday 20th June 2021 to Monday 28th June 2021, included in the cost of the event will be group ground transportation starting at Chicago O'Hare on Sunday 20th June 2021 and ending back at Chicago O'Hare airport on Monday 28th June 2021. 

The plan is to release the full details in July and put the trip on sale in September, but for now here's the current planning progress in writing;  

  • Monday 21st June 2021 ​

    • Six Flags Great America - The day will begin with a short drive from the hotel to Six Flags Great America, we anticipate the drive will be at most 15 minutes. Six Flags Great America is the home of 16 roller coasters including the world's first B&M Invert (Batman: The Ride), an RMC, wooden roller coasters, a B&M Hyper and plenty more to enjoy throughout the day. We are currently working on a plan for the day with SF Great America in terms of pricing, event activities and so on.

    • Our time at Six Flags Great America will be followed by a 226 mile journey to the second hotel on the trip, approximately taking 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Tuesday 22nd June 2021 

    • Six Flags St. Louis - The day will begin with hotel in the breakfast followed by the remainder of the journey to Six Flags St. Louis. The journey to Six Flags St. Louis is likely to take just over 2 hours. Six Flags St. Louis has 9 roller coasters including three wooden roller coasters. We are currently working on a plan for the day with Six Flags St. Louis in terms of pricing, event activities and so on.

    • Our time at Six Flags St. Louis will be followed by 234 mile journey to the third hotel on the trip, approximately taking 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Wednesday 23rd June 2021

    • Holiday World - The day will begin with hotel in the breakfast followed by the journey to Holiday World. The journey to Holiday World is likely to take just over 30 minutes. Holiday World is the home of five roller coasters including the highly regarded and much loved woodie 'The Voyage'. Holiday World has three wooden coasters in total, two steel coasters along with plenty of other attractions including a Water Park! We have held very positive discussions with Holiday World including packaging up a group rate price for park admission which will also include a one main meal (with sides too). Soft drinks are free for everyone at Holiday World. We are confident we will be able to do an ERT at Holiday World, but that along with the price is TBC. 

    • Our time at Holiday World will be followed by 88 mile journey the fourth hotel on the trip, approximately taking 1 hour and 20 minutes.

  • Thursday 24th June 2021

    • Kentucky Kingdom - Our booked hotel in this area is located 5 minutes away from Kentucky Kingdom. We have an agreed itinerary with Kentucky Kingdom which includes park entry, a meal voucher and an ERT session on one of their roller coasters. Kentucky Kingdom is the home of six roller coasters, their newest roller coaster 'Kentucky Flyer' opened in 2018 and is a family wooden roller coaster manufactured by The Gravity Group. Kentucky Kingdom also has an RMC, a unique Hyper GT-X roller coaster, a Vekoma SLC, a Dinn Corporation woodie and a kiddie coaster. There's also a water park and plenty more rides to enjoy also. 

    • Following our day at Kentucky Kingdom, we will be making the journey to the Kings Island area for our next hotel stay, this is expected to take roughly 2 hours.

  • Friday 25th June 2021

    • Kings Island - The day will begin with breakfast at the hotel followed by our short journey to Kings Island which will be approximately 5 minutes. We will give the group every opportunity to do the famous night ride on The Beast before heading back to the coach. Kings Island the home of 15 roller coasters including new for 2020, Orion! We are working with Kings Island to put together a package which includes park entry, all day dining, unlimited drinks and fast lane plus. We also have some other ideas which will be revealed on the day.

    • Kings Island to Cedar Point has been the hardest part of this trip in terms of planning, to avoid wasting a day, we had to decide on staying local to Kings Island and travelling the 3hrs 40mins to Cedar Point the next day, or if to do the whole journey up to Cedar Point following the long day at Kings Island.

    • We have decided it would be best to make the journey up to Cedar Point following the day at Kings Island, giving us all the opportunity to sleep on the coach, get something of a hotel stay in the early hours and that morning wake up less than 15 minutes away from Cedar Point.

  • Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June 2021 

    • Cedar Point - Two days at the park, with a 3 night stay in Sandusky, with check out day being the day when our coach will take us back to Chicago O'Hare airport. Cedar Point is the home of 17 roller coasters including the world famous Steel Vengeance, record breaking coasters such as Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200 and so many more fantastic roller coasters, rides and attractions.

    • More details about the days at Cedar Point will be confirmed in due course. Cedar Point regularly host coaster club events and we have had brief discussions about our two days there in 2021, but will discuss them in more detail in the near future.

Group Size, Limited Numbers & Travel

The coach company we are working with to make all of the ground transportation possible has a maximum capacity of 56 seats on their coach. The first 56 people to book on, will be guaranteed a place on the coach, following on from this we will open up a reserve list. Once we have the reserve list, we will be able to look at secondary transport options and then speak with everyone on the reserve list to see what they would like to do. 


We have agreed with each of the hotels that we will have a mix of single occupancy rooms and double occupancy rooms, but please note the single occupancy rooms will be a higher cost than the double occupancy rooms which may take your overall event cost slightly above our predicted budget range. We fully understand that people like to have their own space in a hotel room and will discuss rooming options with everyone once the places on the trip have been booked.

All but one of the hotels we have signed contracts with so far have included breakfast in the price of the stay; we are looking for breakfast options in the local to the hotel which is unable to offer breakfast. 



We have understandably been asked about the overall cost of this trip a lot since we first announced it was being planned out, and it has been a really tough situation for us being able to offer nothing in return to those questions however as everything starts to fall into place, we are seeing a realistic range to set for your budgets. Please note this does not include your flights or any spends you wish to bring, this includes; park entry to every park, all of the hotel stays on event week, the cost of the coach/trip deposit, any catering packages arranged with the parks, any ERTs/extras arranged with the parks. We believe a realistic budget for this trip begins at £1500 and will be no more than £2000, we do not believe a budget below £1500 will cover all of the costs included on the event which has been organised by Pleasure Beach Experience. 

Payment Options

Recently, we confirmed the deposit for this event will be £500 and the bookings will open on Friday 4th September 2020 at 7:30pm. Bookings will be open via our website only. The rest of the payments will consist of 2 parts; Pleasure Beach Experience will be handling the payments for the events at the parks plus some of the hotel payments, and the majority of the hotels we have agreed contracts with will be handling the payments for our stay with them, which will be organised when you book your room at their hotel using the booking link provided to PBE. You will be sent the hotel booking links when you have booked onto the trip.


We will also send you an invoice for the remaining balance of the trip including the remaining hotel costs being paid directly by PBE and theme park costs. These are the three options for paying the invoice balance;

  • Option 1 - Pay the remaining event balance remaining in full via a link provided on your invoice. The balance and break down of costs will be shown on the invoice at the time. Pleasure Beach Experience is not handling all hotel payments; some of the hotels are likely to take payment around a month before our stay, full information from them will be provided on the booking link they send through to us. 

  • Option 2 - Once you have received your invoice, you will be able to sign in on our website and pay equal amounts over a number of months to clear the remaining balance. The same payment scenario with some of the hotels in option 1 applies here as well. 

  • Option 3 - Once you have received your invoice, you will be able to sign in on our website and pay whenever you want in denominations of £25, £50 or £100. The same payment scenario with some of the hotels in option 1 and 2 applies here as well. 

Please note, all options will have the same deadline date, if full payment isn't met by the deadline date Pleasure Beach Experience may offer your place out to somebody on the reserve list. Deposits for this trip will cover the cost of the coach transportation for the entirety of the event dates, this means the deposit will be non-refundable because shortly after the coach has been sold out, we will be paying off the balance to the coach company. 

Many thanks for reading, we intend to release the full details of the trip including the final cost in early July. If you're interested in the trip, please email us at pbexperience@hotmail.co.uk to be added to the mailing list. 

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