PBE's American Dream 

 Pleasure Beach Experience’s American Dream is our first club event over to the United States, the trip includes 6 theme parks with at least 60 roller coasters to ride. The trip package will include group ground transportation, entry to every theme park on the trip, catering packages (where stated), hotel accommodation, group perks and more! This guide will provide a brief and detailed look into what is planned for the trip including which parks we will be visiting, the hotels we will be staying at, the estimated journey times and any more information that can be provided.

The Plan – In Brief

  • Sunday 20th June 2021

    • Group transportation begins at Chicago O’Hare

    • Coach journey to hotel

  • Monday 21st June 2021

    • Breakfast at the hotel

    • Coach journey to Six Flags Great America

    • Six Flags Great America

      • Group rate park entry

      • The Flash Pass Platinum; reduces waiting times for available attractions by up to 90%

      • Morning ERT

    • Coach journey from SF Great America to hotel

  • Tuesday 22nd June 2021

    • Breakfast at the hotel

    • Coach journey to Six Flags St. Louis

    • Six Flags St. Louis

      • Group rate park entry

      • The Flash Pass Gold; reduces waiting times for available attractions by up to 50%

      • Morning ERT

    • Coach journey from SF St. Louis to hotel

  • Wednesday 23rd June 2021

    • Breakfast at the hotel

    • Coach journey to Holiday World

    • Holiday World

      • Group rate park entry

      • ERT(s) confirmed, which ride(s), how long for and time of the day all to be confirmed at a later date

    • Coach journey from Holiday World to hotel

  • Thursday 24th June 2021

    • No breakfast included in the room rate, but is available at the hotel or nearby restaurants 

    • Coach journey to Kentucky Kingdom

    • Kentucky Kingdom

      • Group rate park entry

      • Buffet included in the price, includes Hot Entrées (choice of 2 items) and Side Dishes (choice of 2 items) and one dessert, all items to be decided upon at a later date

      • ERT confirmed, start/end time to be confirmed

    • Coach journey from Kentucky Kingdom to hotel

  • Friday 25th June 2021

    • Breakfast at the hotel

    • Coach journey to Kings Island

    • Kings Island

      • Group rate park entry included

      • We have a surprise in place with Kings Island which will enhance our guest experience

      • Fast lane plus, all day dining and an all-day drinks wristband are included in our package at Kings Island

      • We also have another surprise activity which we are finalising with Kings Island

      • ‘Surprise’ activities to be revealed on the coach journey from Kentucky Kingdom to our hotel by Kings Island on the previous evening

      • 12 hours at the park, group transportation scheduled to leave an hour after park closing time

    • Coach journey from Kings Island to hotel

  • Saturday 26th June 2021

    • Breakfast at the hotel

    • Group transportation to Cedar Point

    • Cedar Point

      • Group rate park entry and fast lane plus will be included in our package at Cedar Point

      • Opportunity to spend 12 hours at the park, opening times expected to be 10am-10pm

      • We have discussed the possibility of ERTs with Cedar Point including the pricing, whilst it is too soon to book the ERTs, we have verbally agreed with Cedar Point that we would like to do one during the first day there. ERT likely to take place at park close

    • Coach journey from Cedar Point to hotel

  • Sunday 27th June 2021

    • Breakfast at the hotel

    • Group transportation to Cedar Point

    • Cedar Point

      • Group rate park entry and fast lane plus will be included in our package at Cedar Point

      • Opportunity to spend 12 hours at the park, opening times expected to be 10am-10pm

      • We are working on a surprise activity for the Sunday morning as well as looking to add at least one ERT to the Sunday line-up at Cedar Point.

    • Coach journey from Cedar Point to hotel

  • Monday 28th June 2021

    • Journey to Chicago O’Hare airport


The pricing structure has been set into two tiers, tier one is based on persons sharing a hotel room at every hotel, tier two is based on somebody having their own room for four nights and only sharing a room for two nights. A third tier of pricing for somebody who wants to have their own room throughout the whole trip will become available once everyone has booked on and we can arrange additional rooms with the hotels where possible.

  • Tier 1 – Based on room sharing at every hotel

    • Full Cost: £1852.05 – includes deposit

    • Cost After Deposit: £1352.05

  • Tier 2 – Based on having your own room for 4 hotels out of 6

    • Full Cost: £2078.58 – includes deposit

    • Cost After Deposit: £1578.58


Booking Information

  • The trip will go on sale on our website on Friday 4th September at 7:30pm, at the time of booking, you will firstly be asked how many ‘tickets’ you would like to purchase. We recommend ‘groups of friends’ or a ‘family group’ travelling together book under one transaction, for example if there’s 5 of you planning to attend together you will be able to book as a group. The ‘group lead’ making the booking would need to be able to cover the deposit cost of everyone in the group at the time of booking. The deposit cost is £500 per person

  • Once the number of tickets has been selected, clicking ‘next’ will take you to the next page which will ask for some additional information including the names of the people on your booking, your payment preference (one transaction or instalments), hotel preference and t-shirt size

  • It is important to use your full name as shown on your passport, because this information will be used to submit the rooming lists to the hotels which require those, all the hotels on the trip are likely to check our passports at the time of check in

  • The additional information page will also give you three hotel options to pick from; ‘I would like my own room and prefer single occupancy’, ‘I am happy to share a room/I will be sharing with someone in my group’ or ‘I have no preference’. This will help us determine if we need to alter the room arrangements with the hotels, help organise any rooming lists we need to prepare for the hotels and also help us to correctly invoice each person booked onto the trip

  • Once you have filled in the additional information page, you will be taken to the ‘check out’ page to finalise the booking. Once the booking is complete, you will receive booking confirmation by email

  • Everyone who books their place on the event will receive an invoice, the invoice will be tailored to your preferences, for example; if you prefer to pay off the event balance in one transaction, your invoice will be tailored around you doing so, or if you prefer to pay it off in instalments over several months, your invoice can also be tailored around you doing this. The invoice will take between 7-10 days to reach you due to each one tailored to each booking

Invoice Information

  • Everyone attending the trip will receive their own invoice, each invoice will be tailored to the preferences you selected on the ‘additional information’ page of the booking form. The invoice will help you keep a track of what’s left to pay and when it needs to be paid by

  • Due to each invoice being personalised, it will take a couple of days after you have booked on to receive it, the first person to book will be the first person to receive an invoice, the second person the second to receive theirs and so on

  • Each invoice will be ‘live’ and accessed via a link, when you make a payment off of the invoice it may take up to 24 hours to update. The invoice is your best way of keeping track of what you’ve paid and what is left to pay

  • Invoices can be downloaded as a PDF for your own records/information (downloaded PDF versions will not be live)


  • Only two of the hotels we are booked in with on the trip will appear on your invoice, this is due to those hotels being the only hotels taking ‘group payment’ from Pleasure Beach Experience, the other four will take a direct booking from you via a link they’ve provided to us, which we will provide to everyone booked onto the trip

  • The four hotels accepting direct booking from members booked onto this trip have provided a ‘booking link’ to Pleasure Beach Experience which is linked to a contracted room block in place. Each room block at each of the four hotels taking direct bookings has a cut-off date, if any of the rooms in our room block are unclaimed by the cut-off date, the hotel will put them back on public sale

  • Once you have booked your place onto the event, you will receive a list of the hotels we are staying at with the booking information for each of those, it is important to book your room at each hotel before the cut-off date to guarantee your stay at the group hotel and at the agreed group room rate

  • For contractual reasons, we can only disclose the hotel names to members who book onto the trip. We are allowed to tell you that hotel chains Hilton, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG for short) and Marriott Hotels are some of the hotel chains that have provided us with good deals for accommodation during the trip

  • Each hotel has different policies for group bookings, as an example, four of the hotels were happy to give the group a mix of single occupancy and double occupancy rooms to pick from at the time of booking, where as one of the hotels has enforced double occupancy only. The final hotel of the trip is a three night stay and we have taken the decision to book double occupancy only rooms to keep the costs down for everyone

  • At the two hotels with double occupancy rooms only, there will be the option to add additional rooms to the room block to allow for individuals to have their own room however the extra cost per room would be charged to the individual(s) who wish to have their own room

  • Each hotel room block has enough space for everyone travelling on the coach, however, each room type is sold on a first come first served basis therefore if you are looking for a single occupancy room, we recommend booking your room via the booking link provided as soon as the information comes through 

  • Each hotel will be booked securely and with the peace of mind, of free cancellation. All of the hotels accept that our group bookings may have to be rearranged or cancelled altogether if COVID-19 causes any problems with the trip going ahead as planned

Group Size, Limited Numbers & Travel

The coach company we have booked for ground transportation has a maximum capacity of 56 seats on their coach. The first 56 people to book on, will be guaranteed a place on the coach, following on from this we will open up a reserve list. Once we have the reserve list, we will be able to look at secondary transport options and then speak with everyone on the reserve list to see what they would like to do. 


Understandably, the most frequently asked questions about this trip are about COVID-19 and how it may impact on the plans for the trip, however we would like to cover all of the FAQs in this guide to help with any enquiries/concerns about the trip in June 2021.

  • I want to attend PBE’s American Dream club trip, but I am scared that COVID-19 will cause the trip to be cancelled, what happens to my deposit if the trip is cancelled?

    • If the trip must be cancelled due to COVID-19 or for any other reason, you will receive a full refund of any monies paid to Pleasure Beach Experience for this trip. Each person will receive an invoice following booking onto the event, any money paid to Pleasure Beach Experience as well as the deposit will be refunded to you. Pleasure Beach Experience does not want anybody to lose money due to one of our events and we have taken the matter of COVID-19 very seriously throughout the planning stages

  • I want to attend PBE’s American Dream club trip, but what happens if one of the companies PBE has booked with goes out of business after we have paid our money?

    • Pleasure Beach Experience has taken out an insurance policy tailored around the entirety of this trip to protect your money and our money against any unforeseen situations

  • I want to attend PBE’s American Dream club trip, but I am worried about paying for my hotel rooms if there is a possibility of covid-19 cancelling the trip

    • All of the hotels we are contracted with for this trip have put free cancellation in place, all of the sales directors/managers we have communicated with are fully understanding that this trip may have to be put on hold or completely cancelled due to covid-19

  • Which travel agent/company are you using to organise the trip?

    • The trip has been organised directly by Pleasure Beach Experience without any third party assistance, we have directly communicated with the coach company, the hotels, the theme parks and any other company communicated with during the planning of this trip

  • Can you I join the group for some of the event, but not all of it?

    • We have been asked this question by a lot of people and at this stage we would advise booking onto the full trip if you are interested in attending, however, we understand that persons located close by to the theme parks we are visiting may only be interested in visiting their local park with PBE, this is something we will look to accommodate once the coach is sold out

  • How will the rooming list/hotel arrangements be decided for the two hotels which require a rooming list?

    • For the hotels that require a rooming list, we will firstly group people together who have booked together into the same room(s). Secondly, we will arrange to go through the list of ‘one person transactions’ and look to group people into a double occupancy room (two beds) who are of a relatively similar age, that have stated on the form they are willing to room share. Thirdly, we will look to discuss the remaining options with anyone who has input into the booking form that they wish to have their own room at every hotel. We will not submit a rooming list to a hotel before we know everyone is happy with the room arrangements


Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately, there is a boring part to this guide but an important part of it, it is very important to know the terms and conditions when booking your place(s) onto this event.

  • Once booked onto the trip, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation to travel including but not limited to your passport, your visa/ESTA

  • Pleasure Beach Experience accepts no liability for individuals attending the event, all attendants must arrange their own personal travel insurance

  • In the event of COVID-19 cancelling the trip, you will receive a full refund from Pleasure Beach Experience of any monies paid directly to Pleasure Beach Experience. Cancellation refunds for hotels booked via a booking link will be refunded by the hotel and not Pleasure Beach Experience

  • By booking onto the trip, you are committing to attending the trip. Refunds will not be issued for a change of mind after booking

  • All members attending this trip are responsible for observing the rules and regulations in place by the theme parks we are visiting, the hotels we are staying at and on the coach charter. Attendance on the trip does not entitle anyone to special treatment other than activities/opportunities organised for the event. This also includes any form of unsafe riding, such as, deliberately keeping lap bars loose, removing seat belts, taking cameras on ride where not permitted and so on, please always stick to the rules set out

  • Pleasure Beach Experience will be seeking permission for us and members to film on-ride POVs during each day, please do not directly contact the parks on the trip to ask for permission as it may cause confusion with requests already made by PBE. If permission for members to film POVs is granted, we strongly advise that you take out public liability insurance if you do plan to film on the rides. If on-ride filming is permitted by any of the parks, Pleasure Beach Experience accepts no liability for anyone who films on the rides during the event

  • Punctuality is vital at all times during the trip, if the coach is scheduled to leave at 7am, it has to leave at 7am. Lateness to the coach in the morning could result in arriving to parks late which would result in ERT cancellations with no refund or reduced ERT sessions. Lateness to the coach may also result in arriving much later than planned at hotels which would have a knock on effect on the schedule for the following day which may also cause ERT cancellations. Pleasure Beach Experience and its coach charter do not want to leave anybody behind, but lateness could potentially ruin a whole day for everyone attending, therefore it is possible the coach will set off without latecomers. Latecomers missing the coach will have to arrange their own transport to re-join the group at their own expense

  • Always clean up after yourself, whether it be putting litter in a bin, tidying up your seat on the coach, leaving a hotel room tidy and so on. Please be considerate to other members, for example taking your shoes off on the coach after a ride on the Log Flume may not be welcomed

  • You must be 21 or over to attend this trip, unless attending with a family member who is 21 or older. This is a restriction advised by our insurer plus recommended by the hotels and coach charter. Under 21’s can attend but only with a family member or friend who is 21 or older

  • Nobody under the age of 21 is permitted to consume alcoholic beverages whilst on the coach or on this event with Pleasure Beach Experience. It is illegal to purchase and consume alcohol under the age of 21 in the United States of America, it is also illegal to purchase alcohol for anyone under 21

  • All invoices will have the same deadline date, if full payment isn't made by the deadline date Pleasure Beach Experience may offer your place out to somebody on the reserve list

  • Everyone attending the trip will receive a club lanyard and guide booklet on the first day of the trip, it will be vital to hold onto both throughout the trip. It will not be possible to take part on ERTs or any other club activities arranged with the parks without a club lanyard

  • Finally, have fun and never be afraid to speak to the trip organisers with any concerns/questions

Many thanks for reading, if you're interested in the trip and require any further information, please email us at pbexperience@hotmail.co.uk, thank you.  

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