Owner & Founder

I started PBE back in 2009, my job is to keep Pleasure Beach Experience ticking over on YouTube and social media, as well as attending meetings at theme parks to organise club events and discuss content creation ideas.



PBE's Co-Pilot / IT Support 

My role within PBE is to keep the others fed whilst they're filming, as well as this I do a lot of the behind the scenes PBE work as far as IT support and graphic design goes, I have been on the PBE team since 2013.


Vlogger / Event Organiser

My role within PBE is to help with the organisation of the club events leading up to and during the events, I am also the talkative vlogger for PBE. I have been on the PBE team since 2013.



Social Media Editor \ Content Creator

I found PBE on YouTube and attended my first club event in September 2017, since then I have spent a lot of time at the events and on trips with Scott, Mike and Becca. I enjoy helping the team create new content for the channel and help with the PBE socials, I joined the PBE team in July 2019.